Our company offers turnkey service including field clinics and an all-inclusive injury and accident risk management solution to make sure you attain your performance goals in health and safety.

Our autonomous teams bring their emergency training and knowledge of nurse-performed medical interventions to bear to respond rapidly to emergencies in the field.

A complete solution

Wherever you are, we dispatch a qualified and specialized team to your jobsite. Our professionals provide all services: medical evacuation, triage planning, personalized medical assessments, emergency plans, and resupply of medical stores and materials. We handle every aspect of healthcare management and organization on the jobsite. 

Your assurance of continuity

In addition to corrective and preventive measures, our professionals work with the OHS manager throughout the project, sharing information and reducing workloads. And if an accident occurs, they’re there with frontline care and to liaise with healthcare professionals and institutions, optimizing effectiveness and efficiency for a rapid return to work.  

Workplace accident management

We offer pre-employment medical exams as well as ongoing occupational medical support. Our teams attend to your employees’ physical and mental health and provide emergency care according to established protocols, as well as developing and analyzing statistical reports on injuries.

In the event of an on-the-job injury, our professionals also take care of all the paperwork and follow up on employee files. They also prepare a return-to-work plan that incorporates temporary reassignments and reduced duties. Their in-depth knowledge of OHS laws and regulations allows them to not just provide the right care, but to deliver it in the most effective way. 

Technical support/prevention

In addition to meticulous clinical services at all times, we provide technical support by sitting on the jobsite committee and contributing to investigative and analytical reports. OH nursing is about contributing to prevention and worker safety to help you maximize your returns.

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